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Free Democratic Republic of Metropolis

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Samstag, 29. September 2018, 10:46

[1st Session] emergency meeting - diplomatic escalation on Earth

Der Senat berät über die diplomatische Eskalation zwischen dem Imperium Ladinorum, dem Commonwealth of Caledonia und dem Staat Kush.

Man berät letztendlich über eine Militarisierung des Commonwealth of Terra Australis.
The Free Democratic Republic of Metropolis

Justice through equality


Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018, 12:30

Chancellor: "The chair recognizes the President of the Republic."
TPOTR: "Thank you, chancellor.

Members of the Senate, Peoples of the Republic!

I must inform the Senate of the rising threat named Kush. The head of state of the State of Kush leads its people into an authoritarian dictatorship. The state's favorite news agency "Der Kushitische Bote" has fallen into disgrace. The head of state and his government has immediately introduced press censorship, because of unproven allegations of misinformation by the news agency.

The United Republic believes in the principle of innocent until proven guilty. The United Republic believes in the principle of freedom of the press, of the freedom of speech, expression, and opinion. The United Republic is a democratic and communist republic, believing in a system of separation of powers and individual freedom.

It is unbearable for us to see the freedom of the press attacked in a country we once called our friend and a country we still reach out to for friendly diplomatic relations.

Members of the Senate, I ask the Senate to pass the draft resolution stating to the State of Kush that if Kush won't revoke its censorship immediately we will cancel our invitation for reestablishing our diplomatic relationship.

Thank you."

Chancellor: "Thank you madame president. Is there any other member wishing to address the Senate? Then we will proceed to a vote. ... Can all members confirm that their vote is accurately reflected in the system? ..."

"The vote has been completed. The draft resolution has been adopted by 4.822 of the 4.822 votes cast. The resolution will be transferred to the executive committee.

The Senate is adjourned."


Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018, 15:49

Chancellor: "The chair recognizes the President of the Republic!"

POTR: "Thank you, Chancellor. Members of the Senate,

according to the common law I have to inform the Senate that there has been an extraordinary meeting of the executive committee of the Republic.

The Office of the Chancellor of the United Republic has received an answer of the Kushitian Authoritarian Regime on our resolution to the state of Kush about their press censorship. In very bad and confused written Galactic Standard Basic the Kushitian Authoritarian Regime told us that they don't have to justify their actions to foreign powers. The response also told us 1st that there is no Authoritarian Kushitian interest in diplomatic contact between the Kushitian Authoritarian Regime and the United Republic, 2nd that the Kushitian Authoritarian Regime will not attack the Free Democratic Republic of Metropolis, calling it "The Metropolian Question", when corrected. In a very aggressive way, we were asked how often we'll ask this guarantee again. As I recall did neither the Senate nor the National Assembly of Metropolis ever asked for that guarantee from Kush.

Therefore the executive committee decided on sending an armed, paramilitary, Judicial Forces Corps to the Commonwealth of Terra Australis and to strengthen the numbers of the Commonwealth's Coast Guard with an additional 28 ships and 2,500 personnel. While the Justice Committees of the Commonwealth and Metropolis incorporates the reinforcements into their own security concept, we have to acknowledge what happened.

The Kushitian Authoritarian Regime has decided to abolish the freedom of the press and therefore decided to violate the fundamental rights of freedom of speech, expression, and opinion, introducing the censorship of the press. The Senate, as the representative of billions of free people, constituted in these rights and deriving is powers from the duty to uphold the fundamental rights of every sentient being and from the democratic consent of the peoples accepting the United Republic, has expressed the concern of the peoples of the Republic what happens in Kush, as an answer we got knocked down by a friend who protested the verdict to cancel our treaty of amity, who looked like wanting to continue our friendship.

Members of the Senate the Kushitian Authoritarian Regime cannot differentiate between the United Republic and the Ladinian Empire! Members of the Senate, the Sick Man at the Djel, like the CDP once called Kush, is not sick. The Despot of Kush is mentally ill, I would like to correct the CDP and all others who use this term, the despot and the state of Kush should now be addressed as the Disturbed Man at the Djel.

Thank you, Chancellor."